Together We are the Voice of Native America

Ultimately, your voice is your vote.  It is when you can be heard.

But… when it comes to our country’s elections, do you feel your voice always matters?  Would you like your voice to make a difference?

Lend your voice to ours – we are Native America, an independent Super PAC dedicated to taking Action for Native America and its values when it comes to our government and the candidates who run for office.  We aren’t aligned with Democrats, Republicans, or any political party.  We are fully aligned with Native America and the preservation of its sovereignty and culture.

In less than two short years, 33 Senate seats and all 435 House of Representative seats will be up for re-election.  What candidates you will see when you get to vote is the end of the process.  As a Super PAC, Native America intends Action to support those candidates who support Native Americans’ needs, and to oppose those candidates who place corporate greed and profit above the sovereign rights of all of our Native Nations.

If you agree, lend your voice to ours through your support and help ensure the voice of Native America is heard!

Or you can mail a check made out to Native America Action to:
Native America Action
1611 S Utica Ave
Tulsa, Ok, 74104

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