Senate Legislation introduced to “Shutdown-Proof” Tribal Government services

An article posted by Native News Online today announced a new effort to protect Native Nations. Legislation has been introduced in the Senate to protect Indian Health Services and BIA from future government shutdowns by Senator Tom Udall (D – NM), ranking member of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee.

This effort is significant as federal services and funding are a requirement to uphold the treaties in place between the United States and Native Nations. This responsibility isn’t readily understood within Congress.

From the article, “I have been hearing heartbreaking stories about the impact of the shutdown has had on Indian Country, Indian Country is the hardest hit by the Trump shutdown,” said Sen. Udall.

The article further states, “Udall announced the introduction of his bill, the Indian Programs Advance Appropriations Act (IPAAA), to protect essential federal and Tribal programs from the detrimental impacts of future government shutdowns and short-term funding bills. The IPAAA would authorize advance funding for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Indian Health Service (IHS), and contract support cost programs for Tribes that opt to take over operation of IHS and BIA services.”

Read more of the full article at Native News Online here:

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