Native America Action’s Executive Director Speaks On Red State Revolt’s Radio Program

Scott Carr, Executive Director of Native America Action and the Native America SuperPAC, was a guest on the radio program Red State Revolt on December 14, 2017, hosted by Mark Faulk.  Scott spoke about the issues most important to Native communities and Native families as part of Native America Action’s most recent survey, as well as took time to speak about the survey results and answer questions.

Click HERE to listen to the program.

Native America Action is a Non-Partisan, Native First organization and the Native America SuperPAC is unaffiliated, focused on the needs and concerns of Native communities and Tribal governments and how they are being effected by legislative efforts at the State and Federal level.

The Native America SuperPAC and Native America Action receive funding from organizations and concerned citizens interested in bringing about positive answers for the needs of all Native American families.  Through donations, Native America SuperPAC intends to be a strong voice for all of Native America.  Please consider donating today!

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