Native America Action Welcomes And Meets Oklahoma State Legislators And Their Staff

Native America Action Directors and Volunteers visited the Oklahoma State Capitol on February 1st, 2018. Oklahoma State Senators, Representatives and their staff returned to their offices in preparation for their new session kicking off in February. Native America Action arranged the tour and visit with Oklahoma legislators for volunteers who are interested in being active and present in 2018.

Among those who were seen was newly sworn in Oklahoma State Senator Allison Ickley-Freeman. State Senator Ickley-Freeman was kind enough to spend a portion of her first day visiting with Native America Action and listening to the needs of Native communities within Oklahoma. Senator Ickley-Freeman’s story is unique, and Native America Action was pleased to be able to spend time with her on her first day.

Oklahoma State Representative Mickey Dollens also invested a great deal of his time with Native America Action, providing not just a tour of his office but also providing a tour of the Oklahoma House of Representatives Gallery. Representative Dollens also generously invested time to hear about the needs of Native Oklahoma and Native concerns.

Native America Action Director Kristen McCormick (Director, Legislative Affairs) looks on in the gallery as Oklahoma State Representative Mickey Dollens describes the activities of the Oklahoma House of Representatives to Native America Action volunteers.

Oklahoma State Representative Mickey Dollens is pictured above with Native America Action’s LaRenda Morgan, Director of Native Candidate Relations and Outreach.

Native America Action’s event at the Oklahoma State Capitol is just the first of many this year and is necessary to stay in front of legislators during this very important year. Working at the state level is just one area of focus for Native America Action, there will also be a great deal of concentration at the federal level. If you are interested in volunteering, feel free to join our mailing list here, and if you’d like to donate to the Native America SuperPAC, your generous donation can be provided online here!

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