Native America Action raises Native issues to Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders during his visit to the Comanche Nation

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (Senator, I-VT) visited the Comanche Nation Fair, and Native America Action was there. NAA Director and Board Member LaRenda Morgan, and NAA Volunteer Raven Morgan, advocated for key native issues including murdered and missing indigenous woman, funding for Indian Health Services and Indian child welfare, and expressed concerns regained the lack of government compliance in these areas.

Native America Action Volunteer Raven Morgan with Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders during his Oklahoma visit to the Comanche Nation’s Fair

The opportunity to provide awareness of Native issues to a Presidential candidate keeps Native needs at the forefront during an election cycle. The coming 2020 election will be a pivotal one for Native communities, and one where the Native vote (regardless of political party) has the opportunity to be seen. Whether Republican or Democrat, Native voters are encouraged to look at Native issues when they consider their vote. Likewise, Native America Action continues to look at ways to promote Native needs and raise awareness regarding threats to Native Sovereignty amongst candidates of all political parties to educate them and provide the opportunity in which all candidates can see Native issues and speak about how to resolve them.

Native America Action is a non-partisan operational arm of the Native America Super PAC with a specific focus on protecting Native Sovereignty. NAA provides voter registration to Native communities and events and attempts to raise awareness for the importance of the Native voice and vote. Native America Action also invests time to educate political candidates of any party regarding Native issues and challenges.

Director and Board Member LaRenda Morgan (sitting middle) was among the those who spoke with Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at the Comanche Nation Fair

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