Join Us To Meet Your Oklahoma State Representatives

Welcome to 2018.

No matter who you are, at one point or another you’ve no doubt wondered exactly how we arrived in this place. The answer may never be clear, but most certainly a catalyst has been our political system.

…and actually, that’s why WE are here.

Native America Action is a NON-PARTISAN Native First organization.

We’re not focused on being Republican or Democrat, Green, Libertarian or Independent – we are focused on being NATIVE FIRST …together, no matter the party.

Our intent is to directly influence our representatives themselves, and hold them accountable when it means the most to them – election time.

Legislation gets proposed, laws are enacted, and maybe it helps our Native relatives, perhaps it harms them, or possibly there is no impact at all. No matter which party introduced legislation, one thing remains clear – it is rare for Native needs to be truly and fully considered.

That needs to change. Now.

Oklahoma’s State Representatives will be returning to their offices during this event to start a fresh new year. Let’s meet them as they come in, and before they get distracted. Let’s introduce ourselves, let them know we are watching this next session closely, and let them know we’ll be back – at election time.

If you have been wanting to make a difference, THIS event is your opportunity.

Join your voice to our voice, and together during this event we can speak for Native needs here in Oklahoma. We will be heard.

We are #NativeAmerica and we are #StrongerTogether.

You do NOT have to be Native to join us!

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