And So It Begins

January 20th, 2017, President Trump is inaugurated.  It is a new day, the beginning of four years… …and because of the day we live in, possibly eight years.

What does it mean for Native America?  Is it sunny skies… or… Are storm clouds gathering on the horizon?  Do you feel comfortable?  Content?  …anxious?

Perhaps it is not time to simply wait and see.

We are Native America, a Super PAC that intends to be the voice for Native Sovereignty, Native Culture, and to speak for all we share this planet with that do not have a voice.

We intend to protect the sacred.

We are stronger together.  Lend your support and add your voice to our voice.

Together, we are a strong voice.​

Or you can mail a check made out to Native America Action to:

Native America Action
1611 S Utica Ave
Tulsa, Ok, 74104

Share - We Are Stronger Together!

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