Otoe Missouria Tribe’s Intertribal Veteran’s Stand Down

The Native America Action Outreach Team LaRenda Morgan & Joley Singer set up at the Otoe Missouria Tribe Intertribal Veterans Stand Down on Friday October 6, 2017 in Red Rock Oklahoma. The Intertribal Stand Down assisted more than 100 veterans and three homeless veterans were placed in housing! The event was sponsored by the Otoe Missouria Tribe, 7 Clans Paradise Casino, OMDA and the Otoe Missouria Tribal Council. The organizer of the event was Mr. Eugene BigSoldier (orange shirt) pictured with LaRenda Morgan , Native America Action and David EchoHawk, Army Veteran.

Native America Action on site for the Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes Governor and Lieutenant Governor Debates

LaRenda Morgan Featured in Kingfisher Times & Free Press Article

LaRenda Morgan, Native America Action’s Director of Candidate Relations, was the featured speaker on Tuesday, August 28th, 2017 at the Rotary Club in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. LaRenda and her long standing efforts within Native communities were recognized by the Kingfisher Times & Free Press in their Sunday, September 3rd edition.

LaRenda was joined for a picture by Brian Walter and Jeff Johnson from the Kingfisher Rotary Club, as well as Republican Oklahoma State Majority Leader, Representative Mike Sanders, who was also in attendance and whose district 59 includes and is in Kingfisher, Ok.

Cheyenne Arapaho Powwow Colony, OK – Native America Action Voter Outreach

Native America Action was present at the Cheyenne Arapaho’s Colony Labor Day Powwow in Colony, Oklahoma this weekend. Native America Action registered Cheyenne Arapaho tribal members to vote. Native America Action volunteers were (L-R) Joley, Tonya, Raven & LaRenda.

Native America Action is a non-partisan organization dedicated to Native first actions and causes. Native America SuperPAC is unaffiliated and looks to support any candidate (Republican, Democrat, Independent or third party) who supports Native American needs and issues, or will oppose any candidate who furthers causes that harm Native America.

Above all else, Native America SuperPAC and Native America Action stand firmly to protect Native Sovereignty, Native Culture, and to bring together the voice of Native America.


Earth Day – For The Love Of The Earth

For the love of the Earth on this Earth Day, help us be the voice for our family that have no voices… for our family the trees, the majesty that is our family the rivers, the bears and buffalo, for the eagles and otters.  Native American culture has always been first to look upon our Earth as Mother, and with such love that one can only have for a Mother has openly wept and grieved at the sore and open wounds inflicted upon her very being.

It is this distinction that Earth Day brings to all like minded people, a harmony with the very culture and belief system of Native America – a meeting of spirit and that is very powerful.   In his book “The Soul of the Indian”, Dr. Charles Alexander Eastman explained the native position about the Earth and how it relates to the very soul in all of us.  “We believed that the spirit pervades all creation and that every creature posses a soul in some degree, though not necessarily a soul conscious of itself.  The tree, the waterfall, the grizzly bear, each is an embodied Force, and as such an object of reverence.” (1911).  This is the passion felt behind the words of Mary Brave Bird who said “The land is sacred. These words are at the core of your being. The land is our mother, the rivers our blood. Take our land away and we die. That is, the Indian in us dies.”

This is the great gulf that separates the understanding of our modern capitalistic society with the long-held understanding of Native American culture – the very Earth itself is necessary for our very existence.  It is like the sunshine from above, or the summer breeze that we feel, the very air we breathe and the water we drink – it is part of an experience and an integral factor of life as we know it.  The Earth keeps us alive… and it is in that context that Crazy Horse stated “One does not sell the earth upon which the people walk.”  He wasn’t talking about land, or the dirt beneath his feet.  He was speaking about Mother Earth… one does not sell the very thing that gives all of us life.

Perhaps this position is difficult to understand with all of the daily pressures of modern culture, but a better more recent question exists that may assist – who owns the wind?  Certainly the wind blows where it may, and all people can relate to it… but… what if you had to pay to enjoy it?  What if the wind that simply exists actually became property?  For most, such an analogy may seem preposterous.  …but I assure you, it actually is not.  If you live in Wyoming, as an example, the wind you feel and perhaps enjoy daily is the property of the State of Wyoming and it has been for some time.  Preposterous?  No, not any more.

Imagine then the Native American Nations as a group of young colonies became the United States and brought with it such capitalistic tendencies. Agreements to share the land, generous acknowledgements that we all thrive and survive on this Earth, soon gave way to land ownership and land rights, which soon gave way to vast land assignments by an ever growing United States and soon arriving at forced relocation to small tracts of lands that Native Americans could not leave under threat of extinction.  The sudden realization upon the later leaders of Native American Nations was one of survival within this new culture forced upon them, perhaps reflected best by Dakota Chief Wapasha III who lamented about his visit with then President Abraham Lincoln, “I only desired to get a title to lands and fix my people so that they could live.”  For all of Native America, it was an unfortunate realization that a very different day had dawned.

Yet today is different still. Native America has survived, and today is very much here.  You are also here.  With Earth Day, we have a day that intersects the very core of Native Americans with the very core of you – a belief in our Mother Earth, and a celebration for her who has provided for us for as long as we have been here.

Stand with us. Together, for the love of the Earth.

This Earth Day, please give and join your voice with ours as we stand for all of those on this planet who do not have a voice.  We are a Super PAC that is neither Republican, Democrat or aligned with any party – we are for Native America. For Mother Earth, and Father Sun.  We are for the tree, the waterfall… and we are for the Grizzly Bear.

We are Native America, and we are stronger together.

Or you can mail a check made out to Native America Action to:
Native America Action
1611 S Utica Ave
Tulsa, Ok, 74104

Together We are the Voice of Native America

Ultimately, your voice is your vote.  It is when you can be heard.

But… when it comes to our country’s elections, do you feel your voice always matters?  Would you like your voice to make a difference?

Lend your voice to ours – we are Native America, an independent Super PAC dedicated to taking Action for Native America and its values when it comes to our government and the candidates who run for office.  We aren’t aligned with Democrats, Republicans, or any political party.  We are fully aligned with Native America and the preservation of its sovereignty and culture.

In less than two short years, 33 Senate seats and all 435 House of Representative seats will be up for re-election.  What candidates you will see when you get to vote is the end of the process.  As a Super PAC, Native America intends Action to support those candidates who support Native Americans’ needs, and to oppose those candidates who place corporate greed and profit above the sovereign rights of all of our Native Nations.

If you agree, lend your voice to ours through your support and help ensure the voice of Native America is heard!

Or you can mail a check made out to Native America Action to:
Native America Action
1611 S Utica Ave
Tulsa, Ok, 74104

And So It Begins

January 20th, 2017, President Trump is inaugurated.  It is a new day, the beginning of four years… …and because of the day we live in, possibly eight years.

What does it mean for Native America?  Is it sunny skies… or… Are storm clouds gathering on the horizon?  Do you feel comfortable?  Content?  …anxious?

Perhaps it is not time to simply wait and see.

We are Native America, a Super PAC that intends to be the voice for Native Sovereignty, Native Culture, and to speak for all we share this planet with that do not have a voice.

We intend to protect the sacred.

We are stronger together.  Lend your support and add your voice to our voice.

Together, we are a strong voice.​

Or you can mail a check made out to Native America Action to:

Native America Action
1611 S Utica Ave
Tulsa, Ok, 74104